This is a list compiling the various recurring and notable inmates seen within the confines of Superjail. Official names are in bold, and are either given in the show or in the scripts or outside materials (ie: interviews, commentaries, production crew comments).

Inmates with their own articles are linked through here. "N/A" indicates the inmate has never spoken, while question marks listed in the voice category indicate that the voice actor is unknown or unconfirmed. There may also be cases where minor and background inmates' voice actors change, depending on the given appearance.

Main/Recurring inmatesEdit

These nine inmates are depicted the most in the show, and tend to have the more significant roles in the later seasons.

Jean, Paul, Gary, and Fatty were recurring characters in season 1, while Turban showed up in sporadic cameos and Ash and Nicky were initially intended as one-shot characters. Lord Stingray was added in season 2, with the intent to expand the main and recurring cast.

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
JacknifeBunny LoveChristy Karacas (grunts) A repeat offender constantly apprehended by Jailbot, yet usually escapes the jail to wind up caught again.Jacknife
Gary and Bird (alternatively: Bird and Gary)Bunny LoveN/A A silent inmate and his bird. Very dangerous.Gary
Jean-Baptiste Le GheiBunny LoveStephen Warbrick The quieter, gruffer half of the "Gay Inmates" duo.Jean
Paul GuayeBunny LoveChristopher McCulloch The more effeminate and flamboyant of the "Gay Inmates".Paul
FattyBunny LoveStephen Warbrick A balding, obese inmate. Lecherous and often killed or humiliated.Sammy
NickySuperbarChristopher McCullochA crafty inmate with a New York accent.Niki
Turban/Turbaned InmateSuperbarChristopher McCullochA Middle-Eastern inmate.
Ash FirinMr. Grumpy-PantsChristopher McCullochA heavily-burnt and disfigured inmate with pyrokinetic abilities.Ash
Lord StingrayLord Stingray Crash PartyEric BauzaA supervillain overlord who was imprisoned at the jail.Lord stingray wiki

Semi-recurring inmatesEdit

These inmates either show up mostly in the background in multiple episodes, or their roles are much more limited than the above characters.

Many of them are unnamed due to their status as background characters, although a few of them have had speaking parts on occasion.

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
"Skinny"/Starving InmateBunny LoveChristopher McCullochA perpetually-starving, emaciated inmate.Skinny
"Sweet Cheeks"SuperbarDee Bradley Baker (uncredited)Alice's unwilling "boyfriend", who is tormented by her.Sweet Cheeks
Redneck InmateSuperbarChristopher McCulloch A red-haired hillbilly inmate.
"Inmate XA24LXU"SuperbarRichard MatherA bald black inmate with a paw-print tattoo on his head.
Bald Inmate with mustacheSuperbar, Mr. Grumpy-Pants (speaking)???A bald white inmate with a gray handlebar mustache. This design was also briefly recycled for an inmate in Special Needs.
Unibrowed InmateSuperbarRichard MatherA hairy, bearded and balding inmate with a unibrow.
Goateed Asian InmateSuperbar, Terrorarium (speaking)Stephen WarbrickAn Asian inmate with a buzzcut and goatee.
Inmate with false armSuperbarN/A An inmate with a scar over one eye, and a prosthetic left arm.
Neo-NaziSuperbar, Time-Police Part 2 (speaking)???A white supremacist inmate with dilated blue eyes. Also notably seen fighting Crew-cut Inmate in Mayhem Donor.
Bald Inmate with goateeSuperbarN/AA bald inmate with a goatee and slight mustache.
Black Bored InmateCombaticusRichard MatherA bald black man with a gun tattoo and "DIE!" printed on his forehead.
White Bored InmateCombaticusRichard MatherA gray-haired white man with a mullet and handlebar mustache.
Ponytailed Asian Inmate/Half-Face InmateCombaticus, Special Needs (speaking)???An Asian inmate with a ponytail, and a Fu Manchu-style mustache. Implied to be the inmate who had half his face grafted on to Jared's in Mayhem Donor, as he appears disfigured that way in Special Needs (although owing to the loose continuity in the show, this design is also seen intact in a cameo in Ghosts).
Crew-cut InmateCombaticusChristopher McCullochFirst seen as one of the inmates chosen to compete in "Fight City". Later seen in Mayhem Donor.
Hidden Eyes InmateCombaticus, Terrorarium (speaking)Christopher McCullochAn inmate with shaggy hair usually covering his eyes. Chosen to be one of the contestants in Terrorarium.
Red-haired Juggalo InmateCold-BloodedChristopher McCullochAn inmate modeled after Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse.
"Pie Guy"Mr. Grumpy-PantsRichard Mather A fat, pale, bald inmate with a pie tattoo reading "Pie Guy".
Balding Asian InmateBest Friends Forever, Hot Chick (speaking)???A balding Asian inmate with facial hair.

One-shot/Guest inmatesEdit

Although some of these inmates have made cameos in later episodes and seasons, their screentime is mostly limited to the specific episode that they debuted in.

Season 1Edit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Combaticus Target#1CombaticusRichard MatherThe first inmate to be slaughtered by Combaticus.
TonyLadies' NightChristopher McCullochAn inmate attending Jared's etiquette class. Gets stabbed to death by Rod.
RodLadies' NightRichard MatherAnother inmate attending Jared's etiquette class.
"Cold-Blooded" KillerCold-BloodedRichard Steven Horvitz (grunts/uncredited)The serial killer brought to the jail. Seen in a cameo at the race in Superjail! Grand Prix.Wierd inmate
Dreadlocked Juggalo Inmate Cold-Blooded???One of the Insane Clown Posse-inspired inmates.
"Joey"Cold-BloodedChristopher McCullochAn inmate with his makeup modeled after Joey Jordison, from Slipknot.
"Craig"Cold-BloodedChristopher McCullochAn inmate with his mask modeled after Craig Jones, from Slipknot.
"Chris"Cold-Blooded???An inmate with his mask modeled after Chris Fehn, from Slipknot.
Mustachioed Juggalo InmateCold-Blooded???A Juggalo inmate waiting in line to give Jared gifts.
Flat-Top Juggalo InmateCold-Blooded???Another Juggalo waiting in line for Jared.
Bandaged-head InmateCold-BloodedRichard MatherAn inmate with bandages wrapped around his head. Possibly inspired by Corey Taylor, from Slipknot (minus the clown nose).
BoboTerrorarium???An inmate affected by the growth serum. Seems to only say his own name.
Furnace WorkerMr. Grumpy-PantsStephen WarbrickAsh's partner at the furnace. Tries to burn Cancer but gets thrown into the flames. Makes a return cameo in Planet Radio.
"Inmate DGFKR"Mr. Grumpy-Pants???One of the inmates that wants to see Cancer.
Story-telling InmateMr. Grumpy-Pants???An inmate that attempts to read a storybook to Cancer.
Paranoid InmateDream MachineRichard MatherAn inmate that can't sleep due to the Dream Machine. He's balding, with long gray hair. Seen panicking with "XA24LXU".
Inmate with corn rowsTime-Police Part 1???An inmate pleased that he's free to kill (only to be killed by another inmate).
Tribe LeaderTime-Police Part 2???A white supremacist inmate leading one of the tribes that the jail split off into, who tells the story of "Su'Jael".
Tribal Inmate #1Time-Police Part 2??? One inmate among the various tribes of the jail.
Tribal Inmate #2Time-Police Part 2??? Another tribe member.
Tribal Inmate #3Time-Police Part 2??? A tribe member that suggests to turn Superjail into a utopia.
Bald Inmate with MuttonchopsTime-Police Part 2???An inmate that attends the birth of the first bird-human hybrid. Comments "She's beautiful".

Season 2Edit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Bearded InmateMayhem DonorStephen WarbrickAn inmate that helps pilot the Superjail Mechadrill. His only line is a shout of "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!".
"Crescent Moons" LeaderHot ChickChristopher McCullochLeader of a Muslim gang within the jail.
"White Lightnings" LeaderHot ChickChristopher McCullochLeader of a Neo-Nazi gang.
"Double Rainbows" MemberGay WeddingChristopher McCullochAttempts to cheer up Paul about his breakup.
"Purple Pythons" Member#1Gay WeddingChristopher McCullochAttempts to cheer up Jean.
"Purple Pythons" Member#2Gay WeddingChristopher McCullochWarns Jean of the Double Rainbows' return.
Copy BoyGhosts???One of the inmates working at the newspaper department.
Old InmateGhostsChristopher McCullochSuffers a heart attack and dies after complaining of all the obituaries in the paper.
Voodoo InmateGhostsReggie WattsConfirms that Superjail is haunted.
Undead Inmate#1GhostsChristopher McCullochRealizes that the Warden is responsible for all the souls floating around Limbo.
Undead Inmate#2Ghosts???Becomes angered that the Warden caused them all to die.
Jailboat GuardVacationChristopher McCullochLeft in charge of watching over the captive Warden by Lord Stingray. Is killed by the Doctor.

Season 3Edit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Poker BuddyStingstressChristopher McCullochAn unnamed inmate seen playing poker with Lord Stingray. Winds up killed by Bruce and Nova.
Audience MemberUh Oh, It's Magic???Mocks the Warden's ventriloquist dummy.
Showering InmateSticky DischargeChristopher McCullochSeen asking Paul what he plans to do when paroled.
Charlie StreytSticky DischargeChristopher McCullochJean's temporary new cellmate.
Wrestling Inmate#1Special Needs???Berates Alice for her brutality.
Wrestling Inmate#2Special Needs???Joins in on criticizing Alice, for her maiming of Warden.
Singing InmateSpecial Needs???Missing the lower half of his jaw. Is seen singing "Amazing Grace".
Leader of disfigured inmatesSpecial NeedsTunde AdebimpeMissing his arms, fights with legs.
BagpipeSpecial NeedsChristopher McCullochHas pipes lodged through his body.
GunsSticky Discharge (early cameo), Special Needs???Has shrunken legs and muscular arms, and confined to a wheelchair. Makes a cameo in "The Trouble with Triples".
SlimSticky Discharge (early cameo), Special NeedsChristopher McCullochSplit in half vertically. Appeared with a different design in his "Sticky Discharge" cameo.
Garbage Bag InmateSticky Discharge (early cameo), Special NeedsChristopher McCullochExists as a disembodied head with his vital organs sealed inside of a garbage bag that he uses to crawl around in.
LowbrowSpecial Needs???An inmate with his head squished down.
Limbless InmateSpecial Needs???An inmate reduced to a limbless torso.
Tally-Mark Tattoo InmateSpecial NeedsChristopher McCullochWinds up killed from one of the Warden's handicap-accessible contraptions.
Inmate with White MustacheSpecial Needs???The second to die from one of the contraptions.
Obsessed Jailpup FanPlanet Radio???A convict that kills his cellmate for not taking the "Jailpup" show seriously enough.
CellmatePlanet Radio???The apathetic cellmate.
Shiv InmateBurn Stoolie Burn???Argues that the proper name for a prison knife is a "shiv".
Shank InmateBurn Stoolie Burn???Argues that the proper term is a "shank".
"Pappy"Burn Stoolie Burn??? (grunts)An inmate that dies from attempting to open the Warden's safe.