This is a list compiling the inmates seen in Ultraprison. As they are very minor characters that appear sporadically, many do not have official names given.

"N/A" indicates a non-speaking role, while question marks indicate that the voice actress is unknown.

Recurring designs in both appearancesEdit

Name First Appearance Voice Actor Description Image
Inmate with afroLadies' Night, Stingstress (speaking)Sally DonovanA black woman seen as one of the recurring inmate designs. Mutilates Fatty by forcing his entire body through a glory hole.
Inmate with short black beehiveLadies' NightSally DonovanTells Alice to "scram".
Inmate with high ponytailLadies' NightSally Donovan or Kamala SankaramThreatens to beat up Alice.
Inmate with black beehiveLadies' NightN/AAnother one of the recurring inmates. Is depicted being stabbed to death in "Stingstress".
Inmate with brown bouffantLadies' NightN/AA Latina inmate with a bouffant/flip hair style. Gets her head popped off by Alice in "Stingstress".
Inmate with wavy blonde hairLadies' NightN/AA blonde inmate usually shown with her cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Season 1 ("Ladies' Night")Edit

Name Voice Actor Description Image
Inmate with blonde ponytailsN/ASeen among the marching line of inmates, as well as in the etiquette class.
Inmate with red beehive and headbandN/ASeen briefly in the etiquette class and marching line.
Blue-haired marching inmateN/ABriefly shown in marching line.
Red-haired marching inmateN/ABriefly appears in the line.
Purple-haired marching inmateN/AAlso shown in line.
"Lady Gary"N/AA blue-haired inmate with glasses briefly seen in the cell sequence. Has her own "Bird" that's gray with a pink bow on her head.
Inmate with orange ponytailsN/ASeen briefly when the Mistress greets the Warden, as well as within the cell sequence. She makes a cameo in the Time Court battle in Time-Police Part 2.
Inmate with sunglassesN/ABriefly shown in the cell sequence, as well as in the "Time-Police" cameo.
Inmate with headbandN/AShown in the first shot of the cell sequence.
Curly-haired inmateN/AAnother inmate briefly shown in the cell sequence.
Inmate with frizzy red hairSally Donovan or Kamala SankaramGets arm snapped in two by Bruce.
Inmate with black ponytailSally DonovanBelieves "Scram, dirtbag!" is the proper way of greeting a man.
Pink-haired inmateSally Donovan or Kamala SankaramResponds "Go eat yourself!".
Red-haired inmateSally DonovanResponds with "Bite me!".
Asian inmateN/ASeen in the etiquette class.
Blue-haired inmateN/AAlso attends the etiquette class.
Inmate Pair#1Sally Donovan and/or Kamala SankaramAre the first to be bitten by the Spanish flies.
Inmate Pair#2Sally DonovanStart to make out after ripping their dresses.
Group of rough-looking inmatesN/AInmates depicted in a different art style than the other scenes. Briefly seen on the bleachers.

Season 3 ("Stingstress")Edit

Name Voice Actor Description Image
"Lady Jacknife"Sally Donovan (grunts)Female version of Jacknife that gets detained by Nova.
Pregnant inmateSally DonovanA heavily-pregnant inmate that gets burnt to death and reduced to a charred pile of organs.
Doctor's "girlfriend"Sally DonovanAn inmate that's disgusted by the Doctor's freakish children.
Inmate with beehive and dangling earringsN/ASeen in the crowded bathroom. Appears blonde at first, but is briefly recolored with black hair during the brawl.
Inmate with long blonde ponytailsN/AAlso shown in the bathroom.
Inmate with long blonde pigtailN/AShown waiting in a line.
Inmate with wavy black hairN/AA recolor of the blonde recurring inmate. Shown waiting in line, as well as glaring at Fatty for leaving the toilet seat up.
Inmate with black bunN/AShown among the group glaring at Fatty.
Inmate with black bun and hoop earringsN/AShown waiting in the bathroom line.
Inmate with high blonde ponytailsN/AWaits in the bathroom line.
Inmate with short red hairN/AShown waiting in the crowded bathroom.
Inmate with loose brown hairN/AWaits in the line.
Inmate with wavy red hairN/AShown among the inmates glaring at Fatty.
Inmate with blonde bunN/ASeen in the group of glaring inmates. A brown-haired version winds up sliding into another inmate during the brawl and causing a fire.
Inmate with curly bangsN/ADies when Alice slams into her and drives her skull into a mirror.
Inmate with black bouffantN/ARecolor of a recurring inmate. Shown stabbing one of the Superjail inmates with a pair of scissors in the bathroom brawl.
Inmate with short black hairN/ASeen during the bathroom brawl.
Inmate with black flip hairN/AShown dying from a stab wound during the brawl.
Pink-haired inmateN/ASeen in Jared and Charise's fantasy of a unified "Ultrajail".
Inmate with long ponytailN/AAnother inmate that appears in the fantasy.
Inmate with wavy orange hairN/AA recolor of a recurring inmate that's shown in the fantasy.
Inmate with high brown ponytailN/ARecolor of a recurring blonde inmate in the fantasy.
Inmates in Superjail coveralls (blooper)N/AFour Ultraprison inmates mistakenly depicted in the Superjail inmate uniforms at the start of the episode.

Season 1 posterEdit

Name Image
Inmate with blonde afro and freckles
Inmate with blonde bouffant and freckles
Inmate with black hair and red headband
Inmate with brown beehive
Inmate with curly blonde ponytail and red hairband